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  1. Product & Transport Design PP Board Printing 2018

    Reference: PRODUCT AND TRANSPORT DESIGN PP Board Printing
    Dates: 2018

    Optional; A second board can be ordered for a total of £60 from the drop down menu.

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  2. Cartoon and Comic Arts students to London MCM - 2nd Hotel Payment

    Reference: EV CCA MCM
    Dates: 24th May 2018 - 27th May 2018

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  3. Stonehenge & Bath

    PG Trip to London on Thursday 12th April

    Visit to:  Bank of England - a guided tour, followed by a tour in the ‘square mile’ which includes the London Stock Exchange

    Limited to 25 places

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  4. Production Journalism

    Date: Thursday 17 May 2018
    Time: 1400 - 1630
    Accredited course fee: £45.00 (Fees are already paid for first attempt)
    Non-Accredited course fee: £48.90

    Application deadline: 12 April 2018

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  5. 2018 New Designers - Product/Transport

    Product/Transport New Designers

    1st Payment £100 2nd Payment £100

    Please note, the option you choose will depend on how much you paid for payment 2.Two students paid £100; these two students need to pick option 1. Nine students paid £150; these students need to pick option 2. If you are not certain how much you have paid, please contact and a member of the administrative team will be able to help you.

    3rd Payment (option 1): £189 3rd Payment (option 2): £139

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  6. Cartoon and Comic Arts - London MCM - TICKETS 2018

    Reference: EV CCA MCM 2018

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