London Trip

London Trip

Course: Photography
Date: Wednesday, 1st May 2019
Cost: £23
Payment Deadline: Thursday, 21st March 2019

Staff Member Leading Trip: Rick Barks
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Course: Photography

Payment for transport on day trip to London with the Photography Course. 


Dates: Wednesday, 1st May 2019.


Departure Point: Please speak to the member of staff organising this trip, Rick Barks. Departure time is 07:00am. 

Transport Details: Coach Travel - Paul's Coaches. 

Cost: £23

Payment Deadline: Thursday, 21st March 2019, 16:00. 

Staff Member Leading Trip: Rick Barks


Please ensure that you disclose any medical conditions and how these are managed, even if self-managed, to ensure that in case of emergency, we can inform the emergency services of everything, so that you get the correct treatment.

Please ensure that you disclose any dietary requirements so that we can ensure that the venues are able to cater for you.

Your Emergency Contact cannot be on the same trip/event as yourself.


Terms & Conditions

By completing this form, you are agreeing to abide by the Health & Safety Guidelines of Staffordshire University and adhere to the guidance of the member of staff leading this event/visit.

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I understand that it is my responsibility to ensure that I arrive on time at the designated meeting point, with all (if any) equipment required i.e. passport, luggage, visa…

If there is a problem with my travel, or I am delayed than I will need to contact a member of staff on the trip as early as possible and understand that the rest of the group will continue their journey as planned.

I understand that deposits and all instalments for the trip/event are non-refundable and that by paying the deposit, I am committed to paying the full cost of the trip, even if I am no longer able to attend.

The full payment must be made by the deadline set, if I fail to do so, I am aware that the school may refuse my attendance. If I do have any worries/concerns about being able to make the payment in time, then I am to contact a member of staff as soon as possible so that the School can see if there is a way to support.

If I cancel, I am aware that I am subject to cancellation fees (determined by the Travel Agency), as well as paying the full cost of the trip. However, if I can find a replacement for myself on this trip/event then I may be eligible for a partial/full refund, but may need to pay any administrative fees to enable the change in place. This is down to the discretion of the School.


For any queries, please contact the School Admin Team on:

Office Opening times are: Monday – Friday 08:30 – 16:00, excluding bank holidays and University Closures.

Please allow 2 working days for a response.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Departure date 1 May 2019
Return date 1 May 2019